4-Gallon Express Service EPA Tank Assembly


  • 4 Gallon CARB/EPA tank made of HDPE with designed-in vapor expansion space, 2.25″ threaded neck, and fluorinated low permeation barrier
  • Top-fuel pick-up tube fits 0.25″ hose ID
  • Tank labels: danger, warning and CARB/EPA certification
  • 1-way vented ratcheting cap with internal tether and “Unleaded Fuel Only” graphics
  • Remote venting roll-over combination valve
  • Tank straps are available for purchase separately, part number  462395A
  • Black in color

4 Gallon Express Service EPA Unleaded Fuel Tank Assembly Drawing
Dimensions – Includes Neck + Cap
X = 15″ (31.8 cm)
Y = 11.478 (29.1541 cm)
Z = 8.5″ (21.59 cm)

*Unleaded Fuel Only

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