2.25 Inch CARB Fuel Cap – Unvented – Externally Tethered

  • 2.25 Inch (5.71 L)
  • Made of Black Nylon Material
  • Fluoropolymer Elastomer Gasket
  • Unvented
  • Neck Specification S-10307
  • External Tether
  • Molded Text "Tighten Past Three Clicks"
  • White Printed Unleaded Fuel Only Graphics
  • Chemical Resistant
  • For Use with Unleaded Fuel

The Chemical Resistant 2.25 Inch (5.71 cm) CARB Unvented Fuel Cap with External Tether is made of Black Nylon Material with a Fluoropolymer Elastomer Gasket and includes "Tighten Past Three Clicks" molded text and white printed "Unleaded Fuel Only" graphics.