2.25 Inch Twist Grip™ Multi-Purpose Threaded Cap – Nylon – Internal Tether – Gen IV Top Vent


The 2.25 Inch (5.71 cm) Twist Grip non-ratcheting cap is an ENHANCED version of the Flambeau Fluid Systems Engineered Cap. This lighter weight cap has a new style and modern design as well as a comfort feel grip. The Twist Grip cap can be customized with different colors and printing options and is available with 4 types of venting.

  • 2.25 Inch (5.71 cm)
  • Gen IV Top Vent Cap
  • No Graphics
  • 8 Inch (20.32 cm) Tether
  • Color: Black
  • Made of Nylon
  • For use with tanks which have neck specification S-10307

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