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July 2013 - 961177A Neck Vapor Tube

Flambeau Fluid Systems is pleased to announce expansion of our Neck Vapor Tube family of parts. Our 961177A Neck Vapor Tube is our first part in this family designed for insert molding into blow molded tanks. Our other existing Neck Vapor Tubes are designed for installation as snap fit into tank necks. Insert molding of the Neck Vapor tube creates maximum retention and seal with the tank while also reducing secondary operations.

The purpose of Neck Vapor Tubes is to create a false fill in small off road equipment fuel tanks. Typically a 6 – 10% air space is incorporated into CARB and EPA compliant fuel tanks to allow for fuel expansion and to minimize liquid fuel from entering the vent system and carbon canister.

The Neck Vapor Tube is just one component in an overall Small Off Road Equipment (SORE) fuel system. Our expertise lies in creating a fuel system for our customer's specific applications.
961177A - Neck Vapor Tube
Neck Vapor Tube shown on Cut-away tank Cut-away tank shown here for a visual on how the Neck Vapor Tube is placed within a tank

For more information on this vapor neck tube click on the following link below:
961177A - Neck Vapor Tube - Click Here

Please contact the Flambeau Fluid Systems Customer Service Department or a Sales Representative for more information by phone at 866-836-0198 or by e-mail at fluids@flambeau.com.

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