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July 2013 - Green Diesel Fuel Caps

Green Diesel Fuel Caps Group
Flambeau Fluid Systems is pleased to extend our offering of diesel fuel caps for the small engine market. The most significant update is a change in color from yellow to green. There has been confusion in the fuel industry with color designations of fuel since the adaption of the ethanol blends. Our products are now following SAE standard J2785 which states black color for standard unleaded with no ethanol, yellow color for E85 and ethanol blends, and green for diesel fuel. Within the specification the green color is required to match Pantone® 347, which is what we have introduced.

Our diesel caps are now offered in three venting options, unvented, thread vent, and top valve vent. Venting style is determined through application requirements and customer preference. Each cap also includes a printed black diesel fuel identification graphic.

Lastly, our cap product line is designed to accept customization. Customization can include different graphics, alternative or specific type of venting performance beyond the three stock styles, and tethers. We will begin a transition of the yellow to green caps for existing customers through a notification and approval process.
For more information on the 2-1/4" Green Diesel Fuel Caps, please Click Here.
For more information on the 3-1/2" Green Diesel Fuel Caps, please Click Here.

Please contact the Flambeau Fluid Systems Customer Service Department or a Sales Representative for more information by phone at 866-836-0198 or by e-mail at fluids@flambeau.com.

Pantone is a registered mark of Pantone, LLC., Carlstadt, New Jersey, USA

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