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November 2013 - 5.75 & 1.75 Quart Multi-Purpose Tanks

Flambeau Fluid Systems is pleased to introduce two new multi-purpose tanks. These tanks have fluid capacities of 1.75 Quart (1.66 Liter) and 5.75 Quart (5.44 Liter) These products were designed for specific customer requirements and the original application was coolant overflow. Flambeau led the design process with our customer and the development of these products was a collaborative success. This is yet another example of Flambeau supporting our customer and market needs with highly engineered new products.

These tanks are offered in PP and HDPE materials with UV protection. Applications include coolant overflow, windshield washer systems, hydraulic oil tanks, and many specialty and unique fluids. These tanks are not our typical generic shape and offer value to those needing to fit tanks into tight environments.
1.75 and 5.75 Quart Multi-Purpose Tanks
1.75 and 5.75 Customized tanks We offer the same versatility on these tanks as our other products through customization including various fittings, decoration, caps, sensors, & assembly of custom components. The neck accepts our standard 2.25" (5.71 cm) cap series.

Flambeau Fluid Systems is the market leader for plastic tanks and our expertise lies in creating the entire fluid system. Stay tuned for many new product introductions and let us know if you have a need for a product we currently do not offer. We will insure your next product will be successful through outstanding product development engineering and collaborative efforts.

For more information on these tanks
please click on the following links below:

For 1.75 Quart Multi-Purpose Tanks - Click Here
For 5.75 Quart Multi-Purpose Tanks - Click Here

Please contact the Flambeau Fluid Systems Customer Service Department or a Sales Representative for more information by phone at 866-836-0198 or by e-mail at fluids@flambeau.com.

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