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June 2015 - 1 PSI 2-Way Vent Cap

Flambeau Fluid Systems is excited to announce their new 1 PSI 2-Way vent cap. The venting is via a valve in the cap and the venting is based on the pressure the cap is under. At 1 PSI (pounds per square inch) the cap will start venting outward. At near zero PSI or negative pressure, the cap will vent inward. In other words, with positive vessel pressure at 1 PSI the valve in the cap will start to release and will vent into the atmosphere, still meeting EPA guidelines for emissions for many applications (running loss only).

At a negative vessel pressure of -0.20 PSI, which creates a vacuum, the inward cap valve opens and allows air into the tank as liquid is removed. We are currently designing this cap for a couple specific customers, but will be adding it to our proprietary line up of caps. Other customers will be able to customize this cap as well, with other engraved or printed graphics.

Some key applications for this cap would be select marine market equipment and applications requiring to meet the EPA running loss emissions, which would include many lawn and garden products. This cap can also be used on products and/or equipment that are not required to meet the CARB emissions standards, which are products shipped outside the USA for one example.

1 PSI 2-Way Vent Cap
Chart of Outward and Inward Flow along with Pressure

CLICK HERE for details on this 2.25 Inch (5.71 cm) 1 PSI 2-Way Vent Cap.

Please contact the Flambeau Fluid Systems Customer Service Department or a Sales Representative for more information by phone at 866-836-0198 or by e-mail at fluids@flambeau.com.

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