Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer prototypes/samples of customized tanks?
Yes, we offer prototypes/samples of any of our products with a one to two week turnaround with a nominal charge per tank. Ask your Customer Service Representative.

What is your turnaround time for a new production part?
After prototypes are approved our production lead times are 8 to 10 weeks.

What is your warranty period?
One year from date of shipment for material and workmanship. We reserve the right to inspect all products, and we do not offer labor cost reimbursement or accept administrative charges. Any warranty agreements must be reviewed and signed by an officer of the company.

Will the tanks withstand UV exposure?
We do add a UV inhibitor/stabilizer to all of our tanks, but they are not rated and/or guaranteed for direct sun/UV exposure applications.

What is the largest tank you have?
Currently our largest tank is 20 gallons, but we are always considering new products/tank sizes to add to our product line.

What is the most common washer system you sell?
Our 4 quart (3.79 L) tank with 12 volt pump system assembly (065400) is our top seller.

Will you run black tanks?
We can manufacture any of our tanks in black or special colors with a special set-up fee and 500 piece minimum run.

Are the tanks capable of pressurized applications?
Our multi-purpose tanks are designed for non-pressurized applications, although they can typically withstand 3-5 PSI pressure. Contact our Customer Service Associates to discuss how we can accommodate your higher pressure applications through our industrial contract manufacturing group.

Are there any tooling costs associated with setting up a new part?
Flambeau has invested in the tooling to allow our customers to customize a tank assembly with no capital/tooling investment on our standard and multi-purpose tanks using OUR standard components – CUSTOM components may require tooling.

Do you have a price list?
No, but we can readily provide pricing on our stock tanks and can quickly turn-around quotes. Please contact Customer Service at 1-866-836-0198 or Request a Quote.